Next generation tooling

Traditional composite manufacturing techniques, using molds, bucks, patterns, cores and mandrels, is fine for the majority of applications. However, hollow composite parts present a unique manufacturing challenge, especially when the internal surface is the critical characteristic.

In the past this has resulted in the use of either a 2 part mold, joined at the seam during curing, or laying up of the component inside of clamshell tooling.  Each process requires multiple lay up and curing cycles, increasing time and cost.

Using pioneering technology, IEL are able to simplify the process by manufacturing hollow composite components using dissolvable mandrels and cores, resulting in lower costs, shorter lead times and lower scrap rates.  Soluble core technology is ideal for design concept stages and prototype products, or low volume rapid turnaround finished components.

  • Rapid turnaround time
  • Functional prototypes for evaluation
  • Low volume manufacturing
  • Complex, intricate design
  • Seamless construction
  • Consistent, wrinkle-free walls
Dissolvable Carbon Composite Core Mandrel Tooling 2
Dissolvable Carbon Composite Core Mandrel Tooling 1.png
Dissolvable Carbon Composite Core Mandrel Tooling 3
Dissolvable Carbon Composite Core Mandrel Tooling 4

Dissolvable cores and mandrels are compatible with many composite manufacturing processes, including filament winding and envelope vacuum bagging.  Surface finish, mechanical properties and overall part quality are unaffected by the soluble tooling & solution.

Here at IEL we are passionate about the advantages of composite components and we will continue to champion the need for reducing weight and increasing performance and efficiency.

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